Online Registration

To ease the process of buying tickets fort he cable we are working with a new booking and payment system.

From now on you can book your tickets to ride easily from your computer or mobile device. You are also welcome to book your tickets in our shop like before.

You will get an RFID wristband to scan at every scanstation at the cable.

Your ticket starts with your first scan, so you can buy your ticket and relax at the sundeck before you start to ride.

To give you a few answers about the new booking system we started to do FAQ’s which will be updated continously.

1. Why do I have to register?

We do not publish any of your information you give us during the registration. Every rider needs to have a profile in our system for safety reasons and for the terms of condition.

2. Why do I need a PIN-Code?

Only you can purchase tickets in our system with your pin-code. That gives you the security that no one else can buy tickets in our account. 

3. When I buy a ticket and I can not use it for the time, what happens to my ticket?

You will get your money for the ticket as prepaid salary in your profile. You can easily pay your next ticket with the prepaid account. The process of sending your money back to your account should be done the next day.

4. Emergency contact? What is that?

We just want to make sure to reach someone who knows you in case of an accident. Especially for the younger customers.